About Claire Candy Hough

_J2A0839Employing her Master/Teacher degrees in Reiki, crystal healing and qualifications as a Quantum Touch practitioner, Claire Candy helps people to fashion a beautiful life and ultimately heal themselves from within. Using her ability as an angel intuitive in counseling and spiritual healings, she not only brings comfort, peace, direction and new-found joy and clarity to those who are in despair but she motivates and inspires them to see the beauty, magnificence and power inside themselves. In this way, her clients learn to love themselves again.

She calls herself a facilitator and a beacon of light for people to come to when they are in the dark about certain areas of their lives. With her loving and compassionate intention to heal, and the willingness of the client to bring harmony and balance into their life, true healing begins. After a session with Claire Candy, clients are amazed at how much clarity they have regarding the fundamental causes of their emotional and physical ailments. Click here for TESTIMONIALS.

Claire Candy has a Diploma of Teaching and in addition to her years as a school teacher, she has been the creator of numerous businesses from an art studio to a coffee shop to being co-owner and Vice President of a movie theatre chain in Washington DC. She is the author and publisher of three books, Angels of Faith, One True Home – Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness and I Am an Angelic Walk-In. Candy has also recorded beautiful, guided angel meditations that take the listener on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and self-connection assisted by the angels

She has designed several inspiring, motivational workshops that include valuable, life-changing information presented in a highly original, entertaining manner that are delivered with great passion, humor and deep compassion.