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Angels of Faith BookAngels of Faith

Children’s Book ‘For All Ages’ Sheds Light on Heaven

What really happens when we die? Where do we go?

This insightful story, lovingly told and delightfully illustrated, takes us on a journey with the angels and guides us home again. More than a story just for children, Angels of Faith will touch the heart of all ages and teach us all ‘…to not be so afraid of the dark.’

Drawing from her two near-death experiences as a child, author Claire Candy Hough recounts those images and memories and, with the help of illustrator Wendy Mehr, brings to life the wonderful journey we all get to take.

“Prepare to be enlightened, inspired and uplifted!”

(Paperback, large format 8.5” x 11”, 48 pp, 58 illustrations)

Guided Meditation CDGuided Angel Meditation

Letting Go of Concerns and
Living in the NOW!

Giving you much more than just relaxation and stress release, this wonderfully narrated, guided meditation takes you on your own journey with the angels and walks you through practical mental exercises that help you free yourself from the burdens, worries and concerns of daily life.

With vivid visualization, and soothing and inspiring musical accompaniment and sound effects, Letting Go of Concerns and Living in the NOW! will bring you peace, clarity and a new-found awareness.

(Intro 2:34, Meditation 22:11 mins)


Click here for bulk orders and inquiries


Click here for bulk orders and inquiries


“‘Angels of Faith’ by Candy Hough is a rare book that touched me deeply and, each time I read it, evokes a sense of remembrance and longing for my true home. As a school teacher and grandparent I use picture books to initiate conversations with children to deepen their level of awareness and understanding of their own inner strengths. This book has definitely become one of my favourites. My almost 3 year old granddaughter’s awareness and interest in the angels has emerged through the beautiful illustrations throughout the book. But the beauty of this book is its ability to ‘speak’ to each reader whatever their age. There are so many important and comforting messages woven throughout this enlightening story that can help us as parents, carers or friends to answer many questions when a loved one moves on. I love this book for its simplicity and its depth. It is a true gift to humanity.”
Carol, Australia

“Once you have attended Candy’s meditation sessions or you have had a healing session with her, you will know you have been in the presence of Angels. God Bless You.”
Des, Qld. Australia