Guided Angel Meditation CD


Letting Go of Concerns and Living in the NOW!

Giving you much more than just relaxation and stress release, this wonderfully narrated, guided meditation takes you on your own journey with the angels and walks you through practical mental exercises that help you free yourself from the burdens, worries and concerns of daily life.

With vivid visualization, and soothing and inspiring musical accompaniment and sound effects, Letting Go of Concerns and Living in the NOW! will bring you peace, clarity and a new-found awareness.

(Intro 2:34, Meditation 22:11 mins)


US$18.95 (Intro 2:34, Meditation 22:11 mins)


“Once you have attended Candy‚Äôs meditation sessions or you have had a healing session with her, you will know you have been in the presence of Angels. God Bless You.”
Des, Qld. Australia