Learn Reiki I, II, III & Mastership

Reiki-Symbol auf goldAs well as a natural practice of healing, Reiki helps people to open up to their higher selves and clear and cleanse their own emotional issues. When studying Reiki, in order to become a clear channel for life force energy, it is essential for the student to release emotional blockages that may stop the flow of energies within them. I have found that people are reluctant to openly discuss deep paralyzing and personal issues when in groups. It is for this reason that I teach only on a one-to-one basis.
***Learning Reiki is available locally in my Los Angeles office as well as nationally and internationally via phone or free internet calls using Skype.

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In Reiki I, you will learn –

  • History of Reiki
  • Your Reiki lineage
  • Five percepts
  • Hand positions
  • The first symbol to activate the Reiki energy
  • Chakras and their emotional/physical connection to the body.
  • Explanation of transmission of Reiki
  • Explanation of possible symptoms and what clients can expect emotionally and physically
  • Explanation of Reiki connection
  • Protection, grounding and invocations
  • The importance of self-treats

You will receive –

  • One intuitive counseling session to help clear and cleanse your own emotional issues
  • Four attunements
  • Certification as a Reiki I practitioner

The cost is $250.
Please note that individual healing sessions are not part of the Reiki I course.

In Reiki II, you will learn –

  • The symbol for the emotional body and it’s uses
  • The symbol for the mental body and it’s uses
  • Procedure for practice of distant healing
  • Discussion of metaphysics and working with angels, spirit guides and ascended masters
  • Advanced healing techniques

You will receive –

  • Two more attunements
  • Certification as a Reiki II practitioner

The cost is $350.
Please note that individual healing sessions are not part of the Reiki II course.

Reiki III and Mastership

Reiki III and Mastership is generally taught only to those who intend to use it as part of a natural therapy practice as a practitioner or to teach Reiki. The student must have completed Reiki I and II and will be interviewed to assess their commitment to the clearing and cleansing of their own emotional issues. Through a series of individual essays, questions & answers and practical exercises, the student learns to become a master of themselves. The pace at which this process takes place depends upon the individual.

You will learn-

  • How to further clear and cleanse any emotional drain on your life force energy through a series of homework and exercises
  • Procedures and all facets involved in thoroughly preparing someone to be a Teacher/Master of Reiki.
  • The business of establishing a healing practice
  • The symbol for the spiritual body
  • The symbol to pass attunements
  • The symbol for protection
  • The attunement process a Master/Teacher uses to attune students to Reiki I, II, III and Mastership

You will receive –

  • The attunement to Mastership
  • Certification for the Master/Teacher degree

The cost is $1500.
Please note that individual healing sessions are not part of the Reiki III and Mastership course.



“I have received many Reiki treatments over the years, but never have I experienced one as therapeutic and angelically healing as with Candy. I firmly believe the Angels led me to her. I have now completed Reiki II with Candy which has opened my life to a wonderful new dimension. I can recommend Candy to anyone wishing healing or to become a Reiki Practitioner.”
Carol, Qld. Australia