Inspirational Speaker

“When I listen to Claire Candy Hough speak, she makes me feel not only like I want to become the best version of myself but that it is possible. To be in her presence restores one’s faith and hope in themselves.”
R. Queensland, Australia

In her own words, Claire Candy Hough does not teach anyone anything that they do not already know but through her angelic presence, as Walk-In Angel Ariel, she helps others to remember and reconnect to their glory, grace and divinity already inside of them; their Divine eternal natures.

Through sharing her extraordinary stories of Divine, life-changing intervention that she and her clients experienced through her work as a Reiki Healing Practitioner since 2003, the magical reunion with her Twin-Flame husband Pete, and how she created Heaven on Earth for herself and others, Claire Candy not only inspires, motivates, uplifts and enlightens others, she demonstrates that we all have the ability to manifest similar miracles in their own lives.

To book Claire Candy Hough/Angel Ariel for speaking engagements, please phone Angel Healing House at +1-831-277-3716 or email