“After only one session, I’m already a HUGE fan of Candy and her beautiful healing work. Literally skipping with joy, I am so excited about my upcoming sessions! My angels are singing! THANK YOU, CANDY!!!”
Joanna, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

“Candy: You are an awesome angel and gifted healer. Thank you for your light work (as in big bunch of work with white light); you made a blessed difference on my being as I knew you and source would. And thank you for your passion and honesty. Amazing grace with flare.
I napped afterwards, feeling the comfort of my warm white bedding like I was curled up in the white muffler I visualized. Very much at peace. When I went on my beach walk my body and mind felt wispy white lightness as the clouds overhead. More white visuals – a very good color.
Thank you. This experience is truly the best healing experience I have ever experienced. And speaking of repetition, I plan on internalizing and externalizing the light experience, building a white light quantum scaffolding as support.”
Grateful and with love,

Lori, Montecito, CA, USA

“Candy is an extraordinary light. The blessed light work she creates throughout the world is guided and facilitated by Spirit. To be in her mere presence, is to be bathed in God’s love and healed from within.”
Makenna, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

“When you first lay eyes on Candy Hough, your first thought might well be “What a beautiful looking woman”. And when you spend even a little bit of time with her, your second thought may well be “She‘s even more beautiful on the inside.”
Candy has perfected her craft, her art and her inspired purpose to the degree that anyone who has the pleasure of feeling her healing touch and receiving her wise and loving guidance cannot help but be transformed.
Many who live in Santa Barbara consider it a blessing to be in such a lovely place. Candy Hough’s presence, energy and wisdom makes our lovely city by the sea even more beautiful and even more blessed.“

Rev. Terri Cooper, M.A., MFT, Teacher/Healer/Medium/Counselor,
Santa Barbara, CA, USA

“The Reiki session was deeply relaxing and allowed my mind to ease into the truth of my being with a renewed power over my life knowing that all past is now over and I am ready to embrace the very positive and abundantly joyful future that was always meant to be right now.
Thank you Candy, for a wonderfully healing, enlightening, and deeply life-changing experience. You are a clear channel of light for all who desire to live their lives in truth, to the full extent of their potential. Bless you and all you touch.”

Linda, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

“I’m not a victim anymore!”
Pat, Carmel, CA, USA

“I was delighted to be the recipient of a session with Candy Hough. Her straightforward manner and organized way of doing the session was very impressive. She has the ability to hone in on what areas need to be addressed and offer sage options to facilitate change. Candy ends the session with an extremely loving and relaxing Reiki energy treatment. I highly recommend Candy for her integration of addressing the physical, emotional and mental bodies that make up this beautiful life.
Molly, Carmel, CA, USA

“As a child, I had always looked at the brightness and beauty in the world through what my mother called my “Rose Colored Glasses” (viciously). As I grew older and more aware of the world and society which surrounded me as a child and adolescent, I became less and less doubtful of my outlook on life. I thought I was crazy to think and do the random acts of kindness my heart lead me to do. As a result, my kindness drew in those who could, would and did/do take advantage of my kindness. I refused to change and be anything less than kind and giving…it was when I started to resent what I was doing that it got uncomfortable for me.
My two favorite words are Grace and Beauty. Upon meeting Candy, I could see she was beautiful and had such a grace to her persona. Candy has afforded me the ability to see the light and allowed me to continue to wear my worn out rose colored glasses. Through my time spent with Candy, listening to her angelic voice sharing with me what I have always known to be true, she has enlightened my spirit and given me the best gift in life…freedom to be who I am; to always see the light at the end of the tunnel and to wear and share my rose colored glasses. She is truly an angelic force placed into my life for the highest good in all that is. Graciously written…”

Kathleen, Monterey, CA, USA

“I recently had the divine pleasure of a healing session with Candy Hough. She has an incredible intuitiveness about her and gentle but direct way of asking the right questions with care to help you see patterns of life that have not been of benefit to you. There was a peace and energy in the room that made me feel safe and cared for.
The Reiki treatment that followed left me feeling physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually refreshed and energized. “Healing from the Heart” perfectly, describes Candy and the gift she has to help people. Even when talking with her on the phone I can feel her energy and sincerity. If you have not attended one of her teas, meditation groups or experienced one of her healing sessions… I recommend that you do.”

Deb, Monterey, CA, USA

“The wonderful relaxing Reiki touch was immediately felt. Physically my neck cracked twice, as it is slowly healing with the gentle yet powerful Reiki energy. I felt a gentle surge throughout my body as the high vibration Reiki swept through. Spiritually I experienced a wonderful peace, a feeling as though I’ve been in a quiet meditation. I could feel my spirit expanding outward, like a sleeping giant that slowly flexes his muscles after being in a small cramped space. I would recommend anyone to come and enjoy a delightful session of Reiki with Candy Hough.”
Marjie, Seaside, CA, USA

“Candy is truly heaven sent, I highly recommend a session with her. Expect the most honest confrontation with your true self.
Candy has the highly analytical skill to strip one’s life experiences down to the core problem(s). She enables you to look at your own experiences as if looking into a mirror, allowing yourself to take charge of the changes you want to see happen, how fast YOU and your higher self see them healthy to happen. Expect a life changing experience for your highest good.”

Ruth, Reiki Master, Seaside, CA, USA

“I went to Candy because I was recovering from cancer, and needed help to release emotional blockages. My sessions with her have been a most loving and caring experience and I continue to receive benefit from ongoing sessions. I can honestly say, that as a result of meeting Candy, it was the first time in my whole life that I was truly able to feel and experience love. I highly recommend my friends to her and feel very confident they will have a beautiful experience and get the help they need. Candy truly is a gift.”
With love and Gratitude,

Maggie, Pacific Grove, CA, USA

“The experience of allowing Candy to work with me ‘one on one’ has been invaluable in my efforts to internalize the absolute greatness that can be found in each and every day. For those of you who just need a breakthrough, or whose vision and purpose has been marred by the cares of life or heartaches of the past, Candy the Angel Lady is waiting to assist.
The best news of all is that she now lives near you!! Oh people of Santa Barbara County you are fortunate to have her in your midst. My hope for you is that one day you also encounter a session with the “Angel Lady”, Claire Candy Hough.

Mark, Modesto, CA, USA

“You are truly a master at what you do and I am glad I put myself in your hands. I recommend Claire Candy Hough to anyone in need of personal direction or emotional balance. Thank you so much for all do.”
Ron, Hypnotist , Marina, CA, USA

“Thank you for the warm “electricity” flowing through my body. Your hands knew just where to go and your magical Angel’ words refocused my intention and attention. Thank you so much!”
Carol, Pacific Grove, CA, USA

“It’s the most balanced and empowered I have ever felt in my life – I can’t thank you enough.”
Faye, Qld. Australia

“I feel like I’m in heaven and I don’t want to leave.”
Tracey, Qld. Australia

“When I came to see you I was so negative, living an unhappy life. After talking with you I left on a positive high, it really does work! I am now working on a new direction for my life and business.”
Tim, Qld. Australia

“Thank you for the start of a new and happier life.”
Daniel, Qld. Australia

“My NEW life began as I left your home. I feel so, so strong and I really do feel like I closed doors which have been flapping in the wind for over 20 years. You really have changed my life.”
Donna, Qld. Australia

“I feel like I can conquer the world.”
Wendy, Qld. Australia

“Angels do indeed come into our lives for a reason and I’m so glad that I saw your advertisement. I am now grabbing onto life – my life.”
Lynne, Qld. Australia

“I now can love my children again.”
Teresa, Qld. Australia

“You are a lifesaver.”
Fiona, Qld. Australia

“Thank you for giving me strength and courage to listen to my heart and my own truth.”
Natasha, Qld. Australia

“Treatments with Candy are truly sensational, I feel empowered to motivate myself. I am highly recommending Candy’s treatments to my friends and family!”
Jaime, Qld. Australia

“Thank you for your wonderful part in my spiritual journey…my energy feels loving, peaceful and so joyful…I shifted some big fears…thank you again for your guidance and speaking the truth.”
Robyn, Qld. Australia

“I am filled with miracles every day…you are one.”
Crystal, Qld. Australia

“I feel like I have just floated with angels. Totally cleared of any sadness. Light and glowing. At one with God.”
Gabrielle, Qld. Australia

“Thank you for your loving healing session on Saturday …. your words, energy and guidance have caused a shift inside me, a delicate one but a definite one! I have started to respect myself, which has made a huge difference in itself! As from yesterday I have commenced a detox/alkalizing program using a homoeopathic detox kit and changing my diet to totally benefit! I feel like I have pushed through that grip of darkness and am seeing glimpses of light and am tuning into my heart.”
Callee, Qld. Australia

“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance in the time I have known you. I now have much higher self esteem and am closer to understanding my life purpose. My whole outlook and attitudes have changed and I always “look for the lesson”.
You have a wonderful gift and I admire your dedication to helping those like me who are searching for meaning and understanding. I also enjoyed the Reiki I and II lessons with you. I believe that each person we meet has something to teach us and you have certainly taught me a lot.”

Becky, Qld. Australia

“I have received many Reiki treatments over the years, but never have I experienced one as therapeutic and Angelically healing as with Candy. I firmly believe the Angels led me to her. I have now completed Reiki II with Candy which has opened my life to a wonderful new dimension.
I can recommend Candy to anyone wishing healing or to become a Reiki Practitioner.”

Carol, Qld. Australia

“Candy helped me to balance my energies, calm my mind and taught me to believe in myself 100%. I have been doing a lot of healing for myself and found Candy’s loveable, caring, soft approach to be so beneficial for me.”
Janelle, Qld. Australia

“Before I came to see you I had everything I needed & thought I should be happy, but I couldn’t cope with everyday life. I was dragging myself around trying to cope with a business & personal life but it just didn’t get any better. Until the day I reached out for help when I made a call to Candy (it wasn’t easy, I don’t like to ask for help) but on the other end of the phone was the most beautiful, welcoming person. Someone had cancelled that morning so I took that appointment. I went weekly & after a few weeks felt so much better that I then cut back slowly. I have not felt this well in a long time. You are a beautiful person. Thank you Candy – wherever you go you will always be remembered.”
Val, Qld. Australia

“Thanks Candy, you truly are an angel.”
Nell, Qld. Australia

“I now feel totally in my truth – completely at ease.”
Leanne, Qld. Australia

“Thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki treatment you gave me. It was a beautiful and unique experience…it has opened my heart and my mind…so I can live my life more fully with joy, love and gratitude.”
Jo, Qld. Australia

“I feel brighter as if there is a positive light flowing in me. My heart feels lighter and more full of love. My heart is smiling.”
Samantha, Qld. Australia

“I can make my dreams my reality. Thank you.”
Amanda, Qld. Australia

“I feel empowered, at peace within, in control and liberated. At ease and joyful.”
Jose, Qld. Australia

“I feel unbelievable, loved, relaxed, refreshed, renewed.”
Cheryl, Qld. Australia,

“You really have changed my life. You truly are an inspiration and God has blessed each and every one of us who has been fortunate to cross your path. Thank you again for opening up my world.”
Donna, Qld. Australia

“You are an amazing example of a faithful & trusting child of God.”
Tracy, Qld. Australia

“I felt so much lighter in the chest the morning after I saw you, and more settled too…. THANK YOU for your gorgeous work.”
Ann, Qld. Australia

“You can count me as another one of your success stories who is definitely guiding herself through this fabulous opportunity/journey in this physical reality & having the time of her life doing it.
I just wanted to let you know what a difference you made & really empowered me (the aha moment) to listen & trust myself on a whole new level & have total faith in myself, what I am clearing, healing, manifesting etc, opening up even more to receive fabulous gifts & abilities I am now harnessing, developing, enhancing & utilizing (the reiki is a bonus) Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, love & support”

Catherine, Qld. Australia

“You have helped me more than you will ever know.”
Elizabeth, Qld. Australia

“I recently visited Candy for a Reiki Session and One-on-One chat about life, my current direction, blockages and conflicts. I found Candy to be charming, bubbly and completely disarming and felt like we had known each other for ever. I found that it was easy to chat about things in my life with Candy and she had a clear insight as to what was happening in and around my life and then gave me some clear and concise advice. The Reiki healing was very relaxing and restful and I found myself sinking into the couch. It was a great way to spend the afternoon and very soothing to my soul. I would recommend Candy to anyone – a lovely person working as an Angel down here.”
Phil, Qld. Australia

“I happened to meet Candy, perchance, at a time when I found out about a health issue, cancer. I also was holding onto a lot of personal baggage. Now I know it was the help of the Angels who guided me to her and to attending many of her meditation sessions. Also with her help and the Angels love, I know that I’ve become more at peace with myself, family and friends.
Candy is truly a beautiful and giving Angel. She will be missed, but she will always be around. I have no hesitation in recommending her. A star shines brightly, so does Candy.
She wraps you in a cloak of Love. God Bless You”

Shailaja, Qld. Australia


“After learning Reiki with Candy, I now use it daily (whether on clients, friends and family, or as self-treatments). It has enhanced all aspects of my life including my business. The calming and centering effects of Reiki liberate me from ego-based mind chatter to “Be Here Now” (Eckhardt Tolle) and do “The Work” (Byron Katie), which, in turn, allows me to consciously and easily practice the “Law of Attraction” (Abraham-Hicks). With these four spiritual practices, my life is NOW, my suffering is optional, and I continually attract what I want and need, including new business, as never before. I have to say I have found joy in living, inner peace and happiness.”
Reiki Woman, Patricia Hamilton,
Park Place Publications, Pacific Grove, CA, USA

“Doing Reiki I with Claire has had the most amazing effect on me. I’ve been doing lots of self-healing which has been great.”
Julie, Qld. Australia

“You are a beautiful teacher.”
Jo, Qld. Australia

“Thank you so much for making our Reiki Masterships such a wonderful experience. You have changed our lives forever.”
Gabrielle and Pete, Qld. Australia

“Learning Reiki I, II and III under your guidance has helped light my path so I can clearly see I am whoever I choose to be and have the power to steer my life in any direction.
Candy’s spiritual knowledge, along with her caring, loving nature has been a foundation which allows me to feel secure and comfortable to open up and work through personal issues/obstacles.
Candy has helped me develop and connect to my own spiritual knowing – which is something I feel I could not have done on my own. I feel and know the light is within me – thank you Candy – you have helped save my life!”

Elizabeth, Qld. Australia

“If you are thinking of doing Reiki, then you have found your teacher. Candy will re-unite you with your ancient past, encourage and challenge your shadow out of the cupboard, help you to reach an understanding about your life’s events, entice you to find forgiveness in your heart, gratitude from your being, humility within your actions, acceptance of your worthiness and a complete sense of unification with all.
“Candy will help you find your path once again as well as how to walk it. The time spent with Candy learning Reiki III and Mastership levels was an absolute gift; for this time has propelled me into my future, right now. I shall always feel blessed to share this journey with Candy and always grateful to have met such a beautiful lady.”

Karen, Qld. Australia

“I completed my Reiki Mastership with Candy during a very challenging period of my life. Candy’s love and support (and many cups of tea) was truly a blessing during this time. Through her patient guidance I was able to explore myself and issues that were preventing me from moving forward in life. Although gaining Mastery is only the beginning of the journey in many ways, I have had a wonderful start and have developed skills that assist me to keep progressing. Every day brings something new or a fresh challenge, and I am busy applying the lessons I have learnt from Candy to enjoy a life full of joy, hope and love. I wish you well in your own journeys and thank you Candy with all my heart.”
Megan, Qld. Australia

“The Reiki Mastership course has been a wonderful, fulfilling experience for me on so many different levels, mainly spiritually. I did not have any expectations on completing the Level 3 and Mastership course purely on the fact that when one does, this can lead to certain disappointment or expecting perhaps less or more. For me, it has been Divine timing to complete the course and it has been fantastic. Candy has been a true inspiration for me to continue my beautiful journey with Reiki. I am so excited and more motivated to teach and show the way energy can be altered in a powerful, pure, loving way than ever before and make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you for making an impact in my life and I hope that I will for others in the future.”
Andrea, Qld. Australia

“I have received many Reiki treatments over the years, but never have I experienced one as therapeutic and Angelically healing as with Candy. I firmly believe the Angels led me to her. I have now completed Reiki II with Candy which has opened my life to a wonderful new dimension. I can recommend Candy to anyone wishing healing or to become a Reiki Practitioner.”
Carol, Qld, Australia


“Candy Hough is an enlightened being and her journey to that transformation in consciousness through two near death experiences is shared with warmth, humor and great insight in her presentation entitled “Near-Death Experiences – An Early Glimpse Of Our Journey Back Home”. Candy seamlessly blends well researched documentation of the near death experience with her own fascinating experience of this life affirming, life changing event. You will come away inspired, touched and with a new awareness of that most fascinating of all journeys. It is the best presentation on this topic that I have ever seen.”
Rev. Terri Cooper, M.A., MFT,
Santa Barbara, CA, USA


“Claire is truly heaven sent. For all light workers presently walking this planet I highly recommend a session with Claire. One session was enough to let burst open the iron belts strangling my heart since decades. Expect the most honest confrontation with your true self. Claire has the highly analytical skill to strip one’s life experiences down to the core problem(s). She enables you to look at your own experiences as if looking into a mirror, allowing yourself to take charge of the changes you want to see happen, how fast YOU and your higher self see them healthy to happen. Expect a life changing experience for your highest good.”
Ruth Henrich, Reiki Master,
Carmel, CA, USA

“I want to thank you for the beautiful healing session. Your sincere desire to be of loving service is amazing. I came away with a greater understanding of my life path and a deep feeling of peace. You are the healing practitioner for all other healing practitioners!”
With sincere appreciation,
Deborah Hopper, Reiki Master,
Monterey Bay, CA, USA

“I recently received an hour and a half grounding and healing session with Candy. She is what I consider a Master Healer. I have been in the healing arts world for 30 plus years, sharing my work and receiving from others. Candy is very insightful and accurate intuitively. What a gift I received.”
Catheryn Bachman, Energy Healer/Astrologer,
Salinas, CA, USA

“I have been involved in Spiritual endeavors for the last 25 years and have encountered numerous individuals in that time. I am truly impressed by Candy Hough’s amazing ability as an Angel Intuitive Healer. With Candy’s reading ability you have a roadmap on how to overcome obstacles in your life and move toward the path of enlightenment and Spiritual Freedom.
“She is truly a gifted guide to help people find out their true purpose. She tells people that the choice is always up to the person to move toward their true being. That is what should be the final outcome in a world of freedom of choice. My experience was truly inspirational”.

Michael, Energy Healer
Carmel, CA, USA

“I recently spent a delicious and most needed retreat time for myself in Mexico. I returned revitalized, renewed, focused, healthy, and happy. However, one day back kicked me into my old habits of taking care of others. I loved my session with Candy. In her healing home I received nurturing and clear information that I had ‘lost my focus and intention to nurture me.’ I now begin my days nurturing me, which allows me to nurture and guide others through my work. Thank you Candy Hough!!!!
Ixchel, Aromatherapist,
Pacific Grove, CA, USA

“My name is Gordon Two Feathers. I am a practicing Shaman, Holistic Healer and Spiritual Teacher. The first time I met Candy, she was working in a new age shop. She gave me a flyer that informed me about her meditation nights and Angel Healing House.
I kept the flyer at home for a time on my book shelf, and then in the month of December 2005, I was looking for a book when I noticed her flyer. I picked it up and read that the next meditation night was going to be on that coming Monday. So I went along with an open heart and mind and soon found that I was with likeminded people and Candy was working directly with Spirit and coming from a place of Peace Love and Light.
It was at this point in time, I realised that I had been guided here to learn the next lot of lessons for me at this time on my journey. Since then, I have had many wonderful experiences with Candy during her meditation nights, Reiki share days and also during my own personal healing and counseling sessions with Candy. Thank you for all your help. Love and Light to you always.”

Gordon Two Feathers, Holistic Healer
Qld. Australia

“One day not so long ago, I was feeling poorly and asked Candy- as a fellow healer- to do a swap healing. Candy started her healing and I could feel a whole change in the way she was doing her healing and it felt like a really deep healing. When Candy had finished, I felt fantastic and I asked what changes she had made in comparison to what she was doing before. Candy smiled and said, “I now go straight to God and offer myself as his humble servant to help bring about the healing for the person for the person on the bed; and God does the rest. So we changed over and Candy got on the bed and I asked God if I could do the same thing and I was given the thought of parting all the umbrellas (straight up to God.)
Since I have been doing this way of healing, my healings have been more profound. I guess I was ready for this change, but without Candy’s help and encouragement, I would never have moved so far. Candy is really one of God’s Angels.”

Lynn, Reiki Master,
Qld. Australia

“Candy helped jump start my life and career after divorce and becoming a single parent, a gift for which I will be forever grateful. Candy’s heart space is derived from pure love as she draws the already embedded answers from your heart holding safe space for you to complete your personal journey processes. Candy gently guided me through my awakening to Reiki master and a blossoming career as a highly sort after remedial specialist, sacred space holder, seminar presenter, laughter yoga leader and life coach.”
Forever with gratitude,
Philip Millroy, Reiki Master,
Qld, Australia


“This book is a masterpiece, full of insight, goodness and sensibility. It is so beautiful, it made me cry at times. I love it, I truly love it. It is like a beautiful piece of music or a painting or something that you want to hold on to. No words can express how deeply moved I was by your book.”
Carmen, Maryland, USA

“This novel is a MUST read for everyone!! The timing of it aligns perfectly with where we are right now. The incredible descriptions make the very real experiences so vivid and riveting. The story’s underlying messages contain amazing packets of profound wisdom. It is a very powerful read!! What is so wonderful about this novel is that not only does it keep you totally engaged, you will also be tremendously inspired. What a gift to the world that so much needs more light. One True Home – Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness beautifully illustrates and answers poignant questions about why we each have chosen time and time again to come to Earth. What incredible courage it takes to share her story with the world!! Thank You!!!!
Beth Fortman-Brand, Executive Producer, Intuitive Strategist and Author

“‘Angels of Faith’ by Candy Hough is a rare book that touched me deeply and, each time I read it, evokes a sense of remembrance and longing for my true home. As a school teacher and grandparent I use picture books to initiate conversations with children to deepen their level of awareness and understanding of their own inner strengths. This book has definitely become one of my favourites. My almost 3 year old granddaughter’s awareness and interest in the angels has emerged through the beautiful illustrations throughout the book. But the beauty of this book is its ability to ‘speak’ to each reader whatever their age. There are so many important and comforting messages woven throughout this enlightening story that can help us as parents, carers or friends to answer many questions when a loved one moves on. I love this book for its simplicity and its depth. It is a true gift to humanity.”
Carol, Australia

“Once you have attended Candy’s meditation sessions or you have had a healing session with her, you will know you have been in the presence of Angels. God Bless You.”
Des, Qld. Australia

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