Claire Candy has also designed inspirational and transformative workshops. For more information on any of these below, please phone 831-277 3716. Or, to email, simply click this link CONTACT US.

Love of Self – Connecting to the Divine Within

This workshop encourages participants to go on an ‘exploration’ for hidden treasure. This priceless treasure is more valuable and more long-lasting than gold, silver or jewels. It is how to love ourselves. Once we connect with our divine light within, we will have the clarity, peace and balance to then break the bonds of self-limitation, and to reach our highest potential.

“By allowing ourselves to grow in the direction of our hearts, we allow ourselves to open our path of life to infinite possibilities.” Claire Candy Hough

“Candy’s workshops are extraordinary and transformative. She effortlessly weaves valuable life-changing information into a highly original, entertaining, practical presentation. Her message of ‘Connecting to the Divine Within’ is delivered with warmth, passion, great enthusiasm, humor and compassion. I came away feeling special and unique, and empowered to pursue my full potential. Thank you Candy for your wisdom, your grace and your ‘Healing from the Heart”. You are truly an Earth angel helping to enlighten others to their own light inside.”
Peter, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Near Death Experiences – An Early Glimpse of the Journey Home

If you have ever wondered about death – and haven’t we all at some stage or another – come along for an enjoyable look at dying. Having had two near-death experiences, Candy remembers vividly her remarkable journey across the veil with the angels and the spiritual insights that she was shown in order to show others to ‘not be so afraid of the dark’.

This informative talk will weave Candy’s personal near-death experiences with medical and scientific research by eminent doctors in the near-death field like Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Dr. Raymond Moody, P.M.H. Atwater and Dr. Kenneth Ring. With humor, great reverence, compassion and love, Candy Hough is able to make this subject not only enjoyable, but something to look forward to!!

“Candy Hough is an enlightened being, and her journey to that transformation in consciousness through two near-death experiences is shared with warmth, humor and great insight in her presentation entitled, “Near Death Experiences – An Early Glimpse of our Journey Back Home.”

‘Candy seamlessly blends well-researched documentation of the near death experience with her own fascinating experience of this life-affirming, life-changing event. You will come away inspired, touched and with a new awareness of that most fascinating of all journeys.
It is the best presentation on this topic that I have ever seen.”

Reverend Terri Cooper M.A., MFT
Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Twin-Flame Relationship

A Twin-Flame is the only other person in any space, time or dimension who is the divine completion of who you are. When brought together, it is the original Divine representation of perfect love.

This workshop addresses relationships and, specifically, why you may not have yet drawn this beautiful love to yourself. With humor, enthusiasm and compassion, Candy shows you the practical tools that you can consciously focus on to bring such a relationship to you.

“I am able to talk about Twin-Flames with a great deal of authority and conviction because, after 47 years of a dishonoring life in which I never dreamed that such a love was possible, I started to re-focus my attention and intention on bringing such a glorious, beloved partner to myself. Less than a year later, one month after my 48th birthday, saw me standing on the beach, in Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia being married to my Twin-Flame.” Candy

Miracles happen all the time and my story is a representation of what is possible for you as well.

Come and be inspired and learn that not only is such a lovely, Divine relationship possible, but everyone is capable of such a union. It is just waiting for you to take the first steps towards it.

Empowering Women

Throughout history, in various cultures, women were the embodiment of life’s gentle wisdom. Women had an understanding and acceptance of cycles, seasons and an inner knowing through their connection to their intuition. Unfortunately, in our attempt to compete in a male dominated society, we often lose our lovely, feminine qualities.

Women from all cultures – including ours – discovered their own empowerment from the wise women who came before them. Having wisdom is different from having information. Information is from the mind to the mind. But wisdom – particularly feminine wisdom – is from the heart and the soul, lovingly handed down from one woman to another.

In my healing practice, I have helped many women progress from being disempowered, controlled and disconnected from their beautiful feminine qualities, to experiencing a happy, peaceful and empowered life.

In a women’s circle we find help, comfort and support. Whether these issues pertain to self-acceptance, managing healthy relationships with family and friends, or career and work choices, a healthy outcome will be determined by how one can balance their submissive, soft, gentle, feminine qualities with the more masculine qualities of being dominant, forthright and assertive.

You are invited to join in a beautiful, informative day of nurturing, supportive and loving energies, experiencing and participating in the sharing of beautiful feminine wisdom.